#6 Ten Years of Filthy Mixes

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Its now been about 10 years since I’ve been making and sharing homemade mixes over the web.  I used to podcast via “.mac” / “mobileme” though Apple. 

Despite all my years of paid membership they finally dropped all their users to switch to the cloud nonsense and fucked us over in the process. In my case anyway, I lost all the creative bits and pieces I had built through their poxy iLife suite. 

Anyway I managed to hang on to the important parts (the music) and swore never to do web business with Apple again.

I’ve now taken back control of my files using Dropbox and have decided to rebuild some sort of structured geeky mix site again.  At some point I might figure out how to set a podcast/RSS feed from it again.

But for now here is a link

Hope you dig.

Future Fresh


#5 Zap! set list from Jan 2010

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I discovered the bar I used to DJ at when I lived in California closed down recently. Like its owner Mike Conley it’s time (and mine there) have now passed. RIP

Here’s a Zap! set list of mine from Jan 2010. On this occasion I played mainly Zap! tunes which had been popular over the 2 years we’d been running it.

It was a really great night that night.



The Avalon Bar
820 W 19th St
Costa Mesa
CA 92626


Ray Barretto – Soul Drummer (Tim ‘Love’ Lee Re-edit)
Roxy Music – Dance Away
The Glimmers – Time 4 Action (Padded Cell Remix)
Juan Maclean – One Day
Q-Tip – ManWomanBoogie
El Coco – Cocomotion Part I
Michoacan – Sabor
Zombi – Sapphire
Claudja Barry – Sweet Dynamite (Todd Terje Edit)
Black Devil Disco Club – Free for the Girls
Chicken Lips – He Not In
Paris Angels – All On You
Prins Thomas – Fehrara
40 Thieves – Point to the Joint
Lindstrom and Prins Thomas – Further Into The Future
Hercules and Love Affair – Blind (Frankie Knuckles Dub)
Nitro Deluxe – This Brutal House
Gary Davis – The Professor Here (Greg Wilson Mix)
Tim Green – Revox (Justin Martin Remix)
Richie Havens – Going Back to my Roots
Pam Todd and Love Exchange – Get Together (Mr Chinn Edit)

Future Fresh

#4 Book Club

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Easy now Future Fresh blog selectors!

I almost joined a book club today. Oprah/Richard and Judy it weren’t! Tome being: “Straw Dogs”.

Upon requesting further information on the book club itself, I received a pamphlet which seemed to suggest I was in fact, venturing towards participating in a volunteer-based, veganistic, anarchistic, protest group. Perks involved: an evening time cheap members-only non-profitting bar, feat. possibly delicious vegan snacks, friendly intellectualised book-based chit-chat with just a bargain £1/year membership subs.

But it seemed distinctly hardcore.

Do you think I should join?

Might I find myself in a weird situation where I have to convince other club members I’m not a member of the police by training them in “lock-down” anti-civil-obedience matters, akin to that long-haired agent provocateur rozzer chap – balls-deep in anti-fascist movements and clambering up pylons/trees/etc.

I only picked up the leaflet to make friends for fuck’s sake. Discuss.

Future Fresh

#3 A Blog Post


I’m thinking about writing another post, what do my fans think so far to this blog?

(That question was for you Sheehan)

Future Fresh

#2 Time Test


On 30 November @ 23:59 FutureFresh wrote:
If I publish this today at 23:59 & then edit it tomorrow (i.e. in a couple of minutes) will it retain the same date-based URL?

On 1 December @ 00:01 FutureFresh wrote:
Yes, it stayed the same – good! (some of my blogs may not get anymore interesting than this).

Future Fresh

#1 Brighton


Easy fool,

This is my first ever blog; at least on WordPress, a proper blog site. It’s deep, it’s personal, it’s… fuck it, it’s probably shite – but I wanted to write one anyway. After all, I’ve heard everyone has got at least one novel in ’em. Though I can’t be bothered writing a novel, I figured perhaps if I pen the odd musing maybe, with future editing, I might have something worthy of a read years down the line; if only by me. Probably not actually a novel, at least I’ll have a collection of musings/postings, a neo-diary, my own memoirs. I wouldn’t be the first innit, I will join the ranks of the famous, the infamous, the lucky, the unlucky. All the legends & otherwise, who’ve preceded to write works before me. The Legendary, inspiring, joyous, upsetting, debauched, hilarious & troublesome memoir writers: Julian Cope (my favourite), Tony Blair, Terry Waite, Anne Frank, Adrian Mole, Kerry Katona – the list is endless.

I wonder just how many Z-list celebrities of recent times have made it to the publishers (& the pulpers)?

It is freezing in the UK now a big temperature change for me. Prior to the summer of this year I was turfed out of my warm home in Southern California. I failed to acquire the appropriate visa to continue my stay there.

Yesterday I arrived at a hotel in Brighton 250 miles from my Leeds home, to start a new IT contract. Now on arrival at a hotel (holiday, weekend break) I typically find the experience enjoyable but considering this small pokey room is going to be my new temporary home/bedroom, it is somewhat disconcerting. Even moreso, when for some unknown technical reason I couldn’t fire up the internet on my simless iPhone [troubles seemingly finally over now]. I’m way behind on my tweets right now!

But I wasn’t to worry about that, I snatched a complimentary “custard cream” (cos I could) & headed straight out to the nearest busiest streets (Preston St & The Lanes) & had a wander about before bed. Nice place this Brighton.

At the time of writing, I’m now at work on my break. I was pleased to find the office is right in the thick of it, by Brighton’s Lanes; love it there.

Though it’s a new job, I’m working for my old company from a box at my old USA office; I’m working remotely, from afar. Currently my US counterparts will be in bed, they haven’t actually set initial work for me, too busy concentrating on their long weekend for Thanksgiving last week, I should imagine. I’ve spent the day trying to retrieve all my lost notes and data from when I worked there but they’ve successfully eradicated every single personal bit and piece which I managed to collate over my >6 year stint.

Jamie, a friend from Manchester has been in touch with me today & tonight he has had me guestlisted to see bassist “Sneaky” formerly of Fingathing (who were ace when I saw them support DJ Shadow a few years ago). Thanks a lot Jamie, great to have something to do down here so soon!

Hopefully soon I’ll find some webbage to check my hours worth of mails, Twitter feeds, etc… & post this out!

Future Fresh